Bodine B60 Emergency Ballast 600-700 Lumens - Damp Locations

Bodine B60 Emergency Ballast 600-700 Lumens - Damp Locations

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Features Ideal for damp locations  Operation of two lamps at a time Compatible with end of lamp life Backup emergency time without any interruption is 90 minutes Primary Light Output: 600 - 700 Lumens Full Warranty: 3 Years Dual operating Voltage: 120/277 VAC  Frequency = 60 Hz AC operating Current: 280 mA  AC operating Power Rating: 3.5 Watts Test Switch: Single Pole Recharge Time: 24 Hour  Electrical Specification Recharge Time: 24 Hours Dual Operating Voltages: 120/277 VAC, frequency 60 Hz AC Operating Current: 280 mA  For emergency backup, these ballasts contain a metal enclosure containing high temperature maintenance free Ni-Cd (Nikal cadmium) battery, battery charger and electronic circuit AC Operating Power Rating: 3.5 Watts Operates 1 or 2 fluorescent lamp(s) depend upon wattage at 600-700 lumens. Its backup time is 90 minutes in emergency mode. Compliance UL 924 Listed NFPA 70 NFPA 101 N.E.C. BOCA OSHA IBC

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