Bodine BDL700 Emergency Ballast 600-700 Lumens - Damp Location

Bodine BDL700 Emergency Ballast 600-700 Lumens - Damp Location

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Features For damp locations Up to 2-hour emergency power End-of-lamp-life compatible Lamp Operation: 1 CFL (4-pin) and Fluorescent Lamps (T8-T12) Initial Light Output: 600 - 700 Lumens Airtight Nickel Cadium Battery (24 hours recharge) Application The BDL700 can be installed on top, inside of, or remotely to a CFL fixture with a conduit (included). Remote installation is recommended at a maximum of 6 feet in distance from lamp. For simple visual check up of the charging indicator light and for easy testing, the test/monitor plate can be installed near the fixture. Remote application is possible up to 50 feet from the fixture. Not recommended for use in freezing temperatures.  External Specifications This emergency ballast has a built high-temperature and maintenance-free nickel-cadmium (Ni-Cad) battery, charger and inner electronic circuitry. Built in solid-state composition this ballasts also comes with a charging indicator light that monitors the activity of charger and battery. Compliance Exceeds emergency standards of NEC UL Listed for emergency lighting and damp location installation CSA Certified

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