Bodine CF94GU Emergency Ballast 300-750 Lumens - CFL 4-pin

Bodine CF94GU Emergency Ballast 300-750 Lumens - CFL 4-pin

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The CF94GU ballast is an open circuit designed device that provides emergency power for linear fluorescent lighting fixtures.  Operates 4-pin (twin, quad or triple twin tube) Compact Fluorescent (CFL) lamps without an integral starter. With a temperature rating of 0°C (32°F ) - 55°C (131°F), this device is good for application in cold weather. Features Open circuit design One lamp emergency  illumination for 4-pin fluorescent lamps (without integral starter) End-of-lamp-life compatible Universal Input Voltage Illumination Time: 90 minutes Initial Output: 300 - 750 Lumens Dual Input Voltage: 50 or 60 Hz, 120/277 VAC AC Input Current: 70 mA  AC Input Power Rating: 5.5 Watts Operating Temperature: Not below 0°C Test Switch: Single Pole Recharge Time: 24 Hour  Compliance UL 924 (‘Emergency Lighting and Power Equipment) Life Safety Code (NFPA–LSC),  National Electrical Code (NEC) UL Listed for 90-minute requirements.

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